7 Home Remedies For Scabies On Babies That Will Blow Your Mind

As a mother, the well-being of your child is your first and only priority, and it’s natural to worry when you notice that your precious one is in pain. There are many unpleasant diseases that you’ll battle during motherhood, but maybe the most unpleasant and nasty one is scabies.

What, your child has been diagnosed with scabies, and you don’t know what to do? Or you’re wondering if there are any home remedies for scabies on babies? You’ve found your answers. You don’t have to look any further.

What is scabies?

The first thing you need to know about scabies is that it’s highly contagious. The second one is that it’s caused by small, microscopic parasites called mites. They burrow deep into the skin to lay eggs. If this sounds uncomfortable and painful to you, you’re right.

The body doesn’t like such an intrusion, and it reacts to the presence of the eggs and feces of these mites. The result is an allergic reaction in the form of a rash and an itch. We are talking about an itch that you can’t stop scratching even when it gets painful.

Usually, your child gets these nasty buggers by being in close contact with an infected person. That’s why it’s more prevalent in children who go to daycare or school.

And it doesn’t matter how good a hygiene you keep. Scabies could happen to anybody. So, don’t feel ashamed.

How does scabies look like?

Not all rashes are scabies, of course. But if your baby has red bumps and he can’t stop scratching, we are usually talking about scabies, especially if the pimples are between the fingers. You can also find them on the neck, shoulders, palms, and soles.

Scabies foot

Credit: nhs.uk

Another telltale sign of scabies are the burrow marks left behind by the mites. They look like curvy, razor-thin red lines. For more signs and symptoms of scabies you can read from here eHome Remedies

If you suspect that your baby has scabies, you must immediately consult with your pediatrician. As I already said, scabies is highly contagious, and if your infant has it, it’s very probable that you have it too.

The usual treatment involves a topical cream, which contains an insecticide to kill the mites. Of course, if you are not comfortable using such cream, there are many home remedies for scabies on babies that you can try. But, you should speak with your doctor first.

Home Remedies For Scabies On Babies

1. Disinfection is crucial for getting rid of scabies

clean all stuffs

No matter which home remedies for scabies you choose, the first thing you have to do when you discover that this parasite has infested your child is to disinfect everything.

What happens if you don’t do that, you ask? Well, the mites will be back before you know it. Know why? Scabies can be transmitted through contaminated objects like blankets or bed linens, and the parasites can live up to 72 hours without a host.

After the first treatment, everything you and your baby have been in contact with has to be thoroughly washed and clean – toys, clothes, linens, carpets, towels, personal items, floors, tables, your car, etc. Don’t miss anything or you risk another outbreak.

Moreover, clothes and beddings have to be washed every day. If you have pets, you need to keep an eye on them, too. Human scabies mites can’t burrow under your pet’s skin, but your cat or dog can still carry them around.

Another important thing to consider is that all family members have to be treated at the same time. It doesn’t matter if they exhibit signs of scabies or not. Symptoms can appear up to four weeks after infestation, so it’s better not to risk it.

You also need to speak with your closest friends and colleagues to inform them about the situation if you have been in close, physical contact with them.

2. Neem kills the mites

neem leaves

When you go searching for natural ways to kill the scabies mites, one of the options you have is neem oil. It’s a natural insecticide, and it has a strong, pungent smell. It not only destroys the parasites, but it prevents them from breeding and growing.

Neem is also suitable for relieving the itchiness and discomfort caused by the mites, which makes it a perfect choice to deal with this condition. However, is it safe for babies?

Your baby’s skin is delicate, and neem oil is a strong substance. Experts don’t recommend that you use it in pure form, so you must dilute with a carrier oil first. Also, do a patch test to make sure that there would be no adverse reaction.

Necessary ingredients:


neem oil

carrier oil ( jojoba oil)

a cotton swab

Dilute the neem oil with the carrier oil.

Do a patch test.Wait 24 hours. If there is no reaction, continue.

Soak a cotton swab in the diluted neem oil.

Apply gently to the affected area.

Wait a few minutes.

Wash it off.

You can also make a paste from neem leaves, which are known for their antibacterial and antifungal abilities. They also relieve the discomfort and the itching, just like neem oil.

Necessary ingredients:


a handful of fresh neem leaves

a pestle and mortar

Crush the neem leaves until you have a paste.

Apply to the problematic area.

Keep until it dry naturally.

Wash off with water.

NotesNeem oil could be very dangerous if ingested by babies and children. So be very careful when you’re applying it and rinse it off well. Also, don’t forget to consult with your pediatrician before you start treating your child with neem products.

3. Turmeric powder has antiseptic properties


Another option available to you to treat scabies on babies is turmeric powder. It has potent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic abilities, which makes it perfect for killing the mites and soothing the irritated skin. Plus, it’s considered safe for children.

To make a turmeric paste, you’ll need:

Necessary ingredients:


some turmeric powdera

few drops of lemon juice

a tablespoon


an old bowl

Take an old bowl. Turmeric is known to stain so you want something that you can throw away.

Add one tablespoon of turmeric powder in the bowl, then a few drops of lemon juice and some water.

Mix the ingredients well until you have a thick paste.

Do a patch test on your baby’s skin to see if there would be any irritation. Don’t continue if there is a problem.

Apply the paste and wait one hour.

Rinse off the paste with warm water.

Alternatively, you can combine turmeric powder with neem powder.

Necessary ingredients:


a teaspoon of turmeric powder

a teaspoon of neem powder

a bowl


Mix the turmeric and the neem powder in the bowl.

Add water and stir to make a thick paste.

Do a patch test.

Apply to the affected area.

Let it dry.

Be careful that your baby doesn’t consume any of the paste if you apply it on his hands.

Wash it off with water.

Notes: There is also a recipe for turmeric antiseptic cream offered by Dr. Axe. You can check it here.

4. Tea tree oil relieves scabies symptoms

tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is another popular home remedy for scabies. It contains a specific compound that researchers have proven useful for killing the mites. Also, tea tree oil has antibacterial and antiseptic properties that will relieve the scabies symptoms and promote healing.

But it is safe for children, one has to ask himself? In general – yes, it’s safe, and you can use it to treat scabies on babies. You have to be aware that there are some potential side effects because tea tree oil can cause an allergic reaction.

The solution is to do a patch test to determine if your baby’s skin is sensitive to tea tree oil or not. If there is no reaction, here is how to use tea tree oil to treat scabies:

Necessary ingredients:


one tablespoon of tea tree oil

one tablespoon of olive oil

a bowl

a cotton ball

Measure one tablespoon of tea tree oil and pour it into the bowl.

Add one tablespoon of olive oil.

Mix well.

Dip a cotton ball in the mixture.

Apply the cotton ball to the affected spots.

Repeat daily for two weeks.

Notes: Experts don’t recommend tea tree oil for nursing mothers, so you shouldn’t use it to treat yourself.

5. Lavender oil soothes the skin

lavender oil

It’s not a coincidence that most home remedies for scabies include an essential oil because all essential oils have numerous health benefits and potent antibacterial effect. Lavender oil is not an exception.

You probably know that it’s widely used for reducing stress, but it’s also useful for soothing the skin, relieving pain and inflammation. That’s why it’s an excellent choice when you’re battling scabies. And it’s completely safe for babies.

Necessary ingredients:


pure lavender oil

rubbing alcohol

You need to mix equal amounts of lavender oil and rubbing alcohol.

Do a patch test. Continue if there is no reaction after 24 hours.

Apply to the affected area.

Repeat daily.

Another option is to combine lavender oil and olive oil.

Necessary ingredients:


five drops of lavender oil

one tablespoon of olive oil

a bowl

Mix the lavender oil with the olive oil.

Do another patch test.

Apply gently on the affected skin.

Repeat daily.

Note: Be careful when you buy your essential oils and make sure that they don’t contain any chemical ingredients. And always use in moderation. For most home remedies, a few drops are all that you need and using more might be harmful to your child.

6. Aloe Vera for fast healing

aloe vera

Of course, we can’t miss aloe vera when we talk about home remedies for scabies on babies. It fact, there is a published study, which claims that aloe vera is as useful for treating scabies as traditional remedies such as benzyl benzoate.

Moreover, using aloe vera guarantees a fast recovery because it speeds up the healing process and helps with the itchiness and the rash. And there are no undesired side effects.

Necessary ingredients:


aloe vera gel (you can buy it or extract it from the plant)

turmeric powder

calendula petals

mortar and pestlea bowl

a cotton ball

Use the mortar and the pestle to crush a few calendula petals.

Measure two tablespoons of aloe vera gel.

Add them to the bowl.

Add 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder and the crushed petals.

Mix the ingredients.

Dip a cotton ball in the mixture and apply it to the skin.

Let it dry and rinse with water.

Repeat daily.

You can read how to extract the aloe vera gel here. Or you can watch this clip.

7. White vinegar creates a toxic environment for the scabies mites


If nothing else works, you can try white vinegar to get rid of the mites. Due to its acidity, vinegar restores the natural pH balance of the skin and kills the parasites. But, since it’s not very suitable for sensitive skin, don’t forget to do a patch test. And never use it undiluted.

Necessary ingredients:


white vinegar

watera bowl

a cotton ball

Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water.

Take a cotton ball and soak in the mixture.

Apply to the skin.

Wait several minutes and wash it off.

Getting scabies is an awful experience, especially for a young baby, so be prepared for a lot of crying and fussing.

The best thing you can in these circumstances is to start treatment as soon as possible to relieve the itchiness. Limit your contact with other people until you’re in the clear, and don’t forget to wash clothes and linens every day. 

So what do you think about these home remedies for scabies on babies? Have you ever used one of them to treat baby scabies? Tell us your personal story in the comment section. We would love to hear how it got rid of those nasty mites.

Don’t forget to share the article with your friends and family so that they would know how to deal with a scabies outbreak.

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